We Bring Ideas

We are On Purpose Design. We are graphic designers and marketing consultants, who specialise in the design and creative direction in developing presentations.  We are collaborators. We mix what you want to say with our creativity and technical expertise in order to create the perfect presentation.


We have been helping our clients to craft their message since 2003, and we still love helping you achieve that message today. So who are the people we have helped? Google, Coca-cola, Bentley, Nike, General Motors, EE, HSBC, HP, AstraZeneca and many more. In fact we have worked with over 18% of The Fortune Global 500.


That’s the name dropping over and done with! The On Purpose Design philosophy is that no client is too big or too small, they are simply our client and all receive the same attention.


We truly believe that the time has come to welcome an incredibly powerful communications technology and really start talking to people in a way that will make them listen.


Anyway – enough about us, how can we help you?